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Flat Foot

What Is Flat Foot?

The arch, or instep, is the middle part of the foot that’s usually raised off the ground when you stand, while the rest of the foot remains flat on the ground. It isn’t always visible in younger children due to the baby fat but does develop and appear as you grow older.

Causes of Flat Foot

Flat foot are not always developed as age goes by but also inherited through parents with flat feet.

Symptoms of Flat Foot

Flat foot don’t have any associated problems and therefore no treatment is necessary

However, sometimes can be associated with:

  • pain in the feet, ankles, lower legs, knees, hips or lower back.
  • the feet rolling inwards too much (overpronation) – this can cause shoes to wear out quickly and lead to injuries.
  • an underlying problem with the bones, muscles or connective tissues in and around the feet.